Net Wizards E-mail Accounts come with anti-virus scanning built-in, and customizable spam filters.

Always Block/Never Block lists

Three levels of filtering sensitivity:

Light, Standard, and Aggressive

Three options for e-mail classified as spam:

Delete - E-mail messages caught by the spam filter are deleted. The easiest method of spam control, but use with caution if you are concerned about false positives.

Tag and Deliver - All mail is delivered to your Inbox, but messages caught by the spam filter have *****SPAM***** added to the subject line. You can then sort by subject after download and quickly look through the spam messages to see if anything was caught by mistake. If not, just delete them all!

Quarantine - Spam is filtered into a separate folder on our mail server. This means you do not have to download spam throughout the day, but you will have to clear your spam folder occasionally so that it does not fill up your e-mail account and cause it to stop receiving new mail.


Always Block/Never Block lists:

If the spam filters ever classify an e-mail that you want as spam, you can add the e-mail address to your Never Block list. Future messages sent from that address will never be marked as spam again.

You can also add e-mail addresses to your Always Block list.

Wildcards can be used in the e-mail address, i.e. * will block or allow any e-mail address from It's a good idea to place your own domain name in your never block list!